Section Five: Campaigning for Change

Campaigning and awareness-raising can mobilise communities to actively prevent and combat sexual violence and harassment (SVH).

In higher education institutes (HEIs), taking a whole-of-campus approach to campaigning engages students and staff and empowers them to reframe attitudes, make proactive interventions, and promote a culture of zero tolerance.

This section of the Toolkit outlines some of the key steps and considerations to develop an impactful campaign, and shares the resources and material developed for this project’s ‘It Stops Now’ campaign.

Download Section Five: Campaigning for Change

Holding a campaign development session with students strengthens messaging and engagement for any prospective awareness-raising initiative. This plan for session outlines key content and considerations for maximising the opportunity.

Plan for Campaign Development Session

Developing a campaign implementation pack to share with key stakeholders ensures a consistent approach for everyone involved and allows central messages and calls to action to be amplified through coordinated action. 

Campaign Implementation Pack

The It Stops Now campaign mural is an engaging installation which dispels popular myths and engrained attitudes towards sexual violence and harassment. It calls on each of us to play an active role in challenging toxic behaviours, ending victim-blaming attitudes, and believing survivors. The mural is designed to be installed by students on campus, with this pack providing guidelines and templates to help with this, as well as containing the full range of mural posters.

Mural Pack 1

Mural Pack 2

Mural Pack 3

Four standalone posters were developed for the It Stops Now campaign, which are available for download and printing below.

Campaign Posters

Four stickers were developed for the It Stops Now campaign, based on its call to action, and these are available for download and printing below.

Campaign Stickers